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Hello, my name is Brian Huqueriza!

Games bring people together, and we only have fleeting moments to make that experience worthwhile. My desire, whether in development or publishing, is to create enjoyable and memorable experiences for the gaming audience.

Throughout my time working in the free-to-play gaming industry, I was responsible for the success of various MMORPGs. I have launched various PC titles, and have launched a mobile title that attained a feature in the App Store. During my career, I developed an eye for improving existing processes and workflows. I took it upon myself to learn a scripting language (AutoHotkey) in order to create tools for our game teams that would save us time and stress, while improving the experiences of our players in-game. I was also able to have a taste of game design, working on small content and systems designs.

Currently, I am using Unity 3D to create story-driven Visual Novel games and also learning to create virtual reality experiences for the Oculus Rift. I am an avid VR enthusiast, having volunteered and attended Silicon Valley Virtual Reality meetups. Additionally, I am learning web development with Ruby on Rails. I earned a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Game Art and Design from Expression College for Digital Arts as a Salutatorian.

You definitely did not arrive here by accident, and I thank you for visiting. Please reach out to me if you have any questions!


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Hero Run: Bitforce
  • As a Game Designer at Kuuplay, I designed and produced a 2D endless runner game built in the Unity engine. I was responsible for creating the game’s levels, UI elements, and dialogue. I also modified C# scripts to adjust gameplay mechanics and systems. The game is out for iOS and Android.

PokéBattle Demo
  • A simple "game" built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. Inspired by Pokémon battles.

IMG House
  • A site that I created with Ruby on Rails through the One Month Rails course. Intended to be a Pinterest-inspired web app, it was created using Bootstrap, Devise, Paperclip, and other useful gems.

  • An HTML5 game that I created with Construct 2 for the Cyberpunk Jam 2014 event. I designed the game logic/systems and created the pixel art. Game was designed and produced within one week.

Rappelz GM Tool
  • The following is a demonstration of a program that I created using AutoHotKey for the forum moderation team on the game "Rappelz", a game that I worked on. An expanded version of this tool, which is only available to staff, contained extensive features and functionality that improved the workflow of the game team.

E.Y.E. Text Revamp Mod
  • A side project I worked on for E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy, a Cyberpunk FPS game by Streum On Studios. I felt that the localization and dialogue were a bit lacking, so I took it upon myself to improve them as such. I assembled a small team of like-minded people working remotely across the globe who also wanted to help improve the in-game text.

Project Maelstrom
  • Maelstrom was an indie group project that was being developed in UDK. I was with the project to concept, design, prototype, and test level designs from start to completion. I took on the role of Level Designer and aimed to improve the gameplay and design of one of the levels. The link above will take you to my design document detailing my thought processes.

STALKER Real Gun Names Mod
  • A simple mod that I created for STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, it simply changes all of the gun names to their real world counterparts in order to make it easier for players to identify and familiarize themselves with the firearms in-game. Though FileFront is down, though you can still download the mod here.

Borderlands Tweak Thread
  • A post I made on the Official Gearbox Forums regarding some tweaks I came across for Borderlands on PC. Being familiar with the Unreal Engine's INI files, I was able to determine how to tweak various options of the game that aren't directly configurable in the Options menu.
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